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Concerned about the chlorine shortage?

  • Our Dealers are more likely to have supplies
  • We can suggest options to keep you swimming
  • Offering expert advice on ways to amplify chlorine about the chlorine shortage
  • Our Dealers are more likely to have supplies
  • We can suggest options to keep you swimming
  • Offering expert advice on ways to amplify chlorine about the chlorine shortage

We’ll help make sure you keep swimming this year – WE'VE GOT YOU!

Amplify your pool care routine with Pool Juice™

  • For a cleaner, clearer, phosphate-free pool
  • Takes care of things that basic products can&rsquot
  • An excellent addition to any pool care system
  • Learn more about Pool Juice&trade
  • For a cleaner, clearer, phosphate-free pool
  • Takes care of things that basic products can&rsquot
  • An excellent addition to any pool care system
  • Learn more about Pool Juice&trade

Effective product technologies that deliver added value

We’re here to help with your swimming pool

  • Professional quality pool & spa chemicals
  • Featuring the 3-Step Pool Care System
  • Service and advice with a personal touch
  • Professional quality pool & spa chemicals
  • Featuring the 3-Step Pool Care System
  • Service and advice with a personal touch

Our experience and know-how makes pool and spa care easier and more enjoyable

Nothing but the best for your swimming pool

  • Complete product line for any pool, any need
  • Personalized water testing and in-depth analysis
  • Expert advice that matches your style
  • Complete product line for any pool, any need
  • Personalized water testing and in-depth analysis
  • Expert advice that matches your style

Make the most of your investment in your pool, your time and your family

We love swimming pools as much as you do

  • Complete product line for any pool, any need
  • Personalized water testing and in-depth analysis
  • Expert advice that matches your style
  • Complete product line for any pool, any need
  • Personalized water testing and in-depth analysis
  • Expert advice that matches your style

The perfect blend of proven expertise and personal attention

What makes a BioGuard Dealer unique?

There are five key reasons a BioGuard Dealer is your best choice.They are highly trained, well-equipped, experienced, friendly, focused and trustworthy. Visit your local dealer and discover the BioGuard Expert Advantage for yourself.

BioGuard products are sold exclusively at BioGuard Dealers

The Right Advice

BioGuard dealers receive our unique H2Know pool and spa training on the latest tools and methods, making these certified professionals the undisputed water care experts in your local community.

The Right Products

Tested and proven effective, BioGuard products are known for delivering reliable results and making pool care less complex. BioGuard dealers carry an extensive line of pool solutions that match your unique needs.

The Right Solutions

BioGuard experts use our exclusive ALEX ® software for in-depth water analysis, so they can recommend the right time-saving solutions and best remedies for any pool challenge you might have.

Amplify your pool care routine for a cleaner, clearer phosphate-free pool!

BioGuard Pool Juice&trade deals with pool care challenges that basic products can&rsquot and delivers a better-looking and performing pool.

What is the most durable swimming pool finish?

When shopping for a new pool, there are several types of pools out there, with different surfaces. To narrow down the field, the 3 most popular are gunite (plaster/concrete), vinyl-lined, and fiberglass pools and they each have their pros and cons. A gunite pool's biggest pro is having the most durable finish of any swimming pool surface. However, the con is the cost with both the initial set up/installation and the resurfacing (when needed, not if needed) is much higher than the other common pool surfaces. Compared to vinyl-lined pools for example, a liner normally lasts from 7 to 10 years depending on how well you keep your water chemistry and costs significantly less both upfront and down the road. But if concrete durability is what you're looking for keep reading to learn more about your options.

Gunite pools have been around since the '60s and are the most durable pool finish due to being made from concrete. The pool's structure consists of a steel rebar frame coated with a mix of cement, white sand or marble aggregate, and water. This is applied to the rebar frame and troweled for a smooth looking finish still making it very popular.

However, this means you have to be careful of rough play in a gunite pool since these pools won’t have any give and are not soft the touch a common concern if you have children playing in the pool.

While Marcite plaster is the least expensive of the gunite pool surfaces, it does have its disadvantages. The surface can start to show visible chipping or etching after 5 to 7 years. They will also start to stain, and inhibit algae due to its porous surface and is the least durable in the plaster pool family. The better upgrade for this pool type would be to opt for exposed aggregate surfaces as these offer more options from pebbles, sand color and more. Diamond Brite, Pebble Tec and Hydrazzo are a few common types of aggregate surfaces which we’ll break down further here.

Diamond Brite $

Diamond Brite is made with a quartz aggregate and a polymer modified cement which increases bonding and hardness of your pool’s structure. It has a textured surface consisting of small pebbles in the cement being brought to the surface. The life expectancy is on average approximately 8 to 12 years. A light acid wash is recommended after about 5 years to keep it looking bright.

Hydrazzo was the first pool surface to be polished. It consists of coarse crystalline (a crystal compound), colored marble and Portland cement as well as a few other ingredients to beautify the surface. This is the smoothest finish available in gunite pools but is still hard as a rock. Its life expectancy is 15 to 20 years and comes in a wide variety of colors as well.

Pebble Tec $$

Pebble Tec is on the higher end of the cost spectrum. Pebble Tec is a mix of large pebbles, stone aggregate, and cement. This is the most durable of the plaster pool types as its surface last from 15 to 20 years +. Pebble Tec is the top choice for gunite pool buyers.

While all of these are great products, like much of the pool design process, the main factor in choice simply comes down to personal preference.

If you have small children or even rambunctious teenagers you may want to think twice before adding a concrete pool to your family’s backyard as scrapes and boo-boo’s will be a common pause in the fun. For these types of family settings, a vinyl liner pool is strongly recommended as the surface will be soft to touch and provide a slight give, almost like a cushion. Plus you like a change of scenery every 7 to 10 years, a vinyl liner allows you to completely change the look and feel of your pool (for less than the cost to resurface a gunite or fiberglass pool). You can even create a gunite look using liners with textured pebble patterns similar to the plaster, aggregate surfaces for fractions of the cost. You can compare the pros and cons of the three major pool finishes here to help determine what is best for you and your family.

If you’re looking for complete durability, a pool that pushes back, concrete may be for you. The costs will add up so it's important to be aware that you’re opting for the most expensive pool type up front.

No matter which pool surface type you decide to go with, please know that the entire pool industry is still backed up when it comes to materials and products. You'll want to plan and buy as early as possible to avoid disappointments. We strongly recommend that you order your pool and it's supplies prior to trying to schedule a builder as delays in manufacturing and shipping can cause you to incur additional costs charges if your builder is ready and your supplies are not. More on what to know when buying a pool during or post the pandemic can be found here.

Use the Water Color Selection Tool to help you choose the perfect finish

Since introducing the ORIGINAL pebble pool finishes in 1987, Pebble Technology International® (PTI) has been a driving force in the transformation of the pool building and remodeling industry. Known as The World’s Most Trusted Pool Finishes®, PTI pool finishes are the top choice for pool lovers seeking a unique, personalized pool experience designed to enhance outdoor living spaces with amazing pool water features.

Discover the
PTI Difference Our product commitment is unsurpassed, and our reputation is founded on four uncompromising pillars: experience, quality, advanced technology and support.

Meet a few Hayward people on their jobs. What's it like to work in Engineering at Hayward? means working with fun, dynamic individuals in a fabulous industry. You might be in Rhode Island, California, New Jersey, North Carolina, France, China or Australia - or almost anyplace in between!

Meet a few Hayward people on their jobs. What's it like to work in Engineering at Hayward? means working with fun, dynamic individuals in a fabulous industry. You might be in Rhode Island, California, New Jersey, North Carolina, France, China or Australia - or almost anyplace in between!

Our volume discounts guarantee the absolute lowest prices on all of our products: swimming pool supplies, chemicals, equipment and more. To prove it, if you find a lower total delivered price by a licensed and authorized pool supply catalog or website (excludes auctions), we will refund you the difference. We will even guarantee our Low Price for 30 days after your purchase. Simply contact our Customer Care Team at: [email protected] or call us at 1-800-574-7665 to report the lower price. After verification, the difference will be promptly refunded. Doheny's is not responsible for inadvertent price or text misprints or errors. Some restrictions apply - call for details.

Free Shipping Details

Doheny’s Pool Supplies Fast has Free Shipping on orders over $100! This not only covers our brand name chemicals, but also our most popular swimming pool supplies. We do have a shipping charge of only $9.99 for orders under $100.00. For certain products, a freight charge may be applied.

Next Day Delivery Details

Doheny’s is pleased to offer free next day delivery at no additional charge for orders over $100 to most of the US for all Doheny's brand chemicals and many of our most popular swimming pool supplies. Next Day Delivery Service does not mean Next Day Air, but simply that your qualifying products will be shipped from the warehouse closest to you resulting in delivery the next day. We do have a shipping charge of only $9.99 for orders under $100.00.

Some details regarding this service:
Other than for Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin, not all products are stocked at all locations and therefore not available for next day delivery. Only those items with a Next Day Delivery designation on the product page can be expected to arrive the next day and orders must be placed by 4 PM CT (exceptions include areas serviced by our Texas and Tennessee warehouses: Texas by 2:30 PM and Tennessee by 3:30 PM ).

If you reside in the next day delivery area served by our Pleasant Prairie facility, order in-stock products and place your order by 4 PM CT you should receive your order the next day (except Saturday or Sunday). This applies to products even if they do not have a Next Day Delivery designation.

Because next day delivery is not guaranteed for standard service and residential deliveries are made only Monday through Saturday though Saturday delivery is not guaranteed, there is a chance that our product will not arrive the next day. While we try our best, unexpected demand can cause products to occasionally be out of stock or create a warehouse backlog that also can prevent shipment the day of the order.

The Most Famous Pump and Dump Stocks in Wall Street History

While the vast majority of companies that trade on the public market are scrupulous, there are certainly a few rotten apples in the bunch, and history is littered with companies that have taken advantage of investors. Though Equities has previously highlighted the more nebulously improper act of insider trading, we thought in light of accusations that NQ Mobile is an outright fraud it might be interesting to cover some of history's most famous total stock ripoffs.

While the penny stock and &ldquopink sheet&rdquo markets have seen their fair share of petty thieves peddle their worthless securities, even the big leagues of investing aren&rsquot immune to scammers, pump-and-dumpers, and just complete scam artists.

Here are some of the most high profile cases of American stock manipulation:

RCA and &ldquoThe Radio Pool&rdquo

It&rsquos weird to think about a time when a phonograph manufacturer was a cutting edge tech company, but that&rsquos exactly what manufacturer RCA was in the Jazz Age. As the company&rsquos share price soared in the late 20s quickly became the darling of Wall Street. It was, in many ways, the first hot tech stock.

Unfortunately, it shared with hot tech stocks the unfortunate tendency to crash. In this case though, the company&rsquos bubble and subsequent deflation was greatly exacerbated by the &ldquoRadio Pool&rdquo &ndash a group of investors who coordinated share purchases to artificially pump the stock&rsquos price.

The pump sent shares to an absolutely astronomical $549 a share in 1929. Of course, it didn&rsquot stay there for long. Concomitant with the stock market crash that October, shares of RCA plummeted to under $10 a share. While RCA stayed in business, and continued to be a leader in radio for decades, its stock wouldn&rsquot return to its 1929 valuation until the mid 60s.

Thousands of average investors were ruined in the RCA crash. Interestingly, the collusion scheme the Radio Pool engaged in was at the time wholly legal, though it would inspire much tighter legislation that outlawed the practice.

ZZZZ Best Inc.

Before Mark Zuckerberg, the 80s had their own teenage wunderkind who was supposed to revolutionize an industry. Unlike Zuckerberg, ZZZZZ Best Inc&rsquos Barry Minkow was an utter and complete fraud. Promising to become the &ldquoGeneral Motors of carpet cleaning,&rdquo Minkow took the company public in January 1986. He forged thousands of documents to validate its worth, and eventually pumped a completely worthless company into a $280 million valuation in February 1987.

Why anyone on God&rsquos green earth thought a carpet cleaning business, no matter how savvy or revolutionary, could become worth so much in so little time is a testament to the power of hype. Minkow&rsquos house of cards collapsed rather quickly. In July researchers began to uncover the accounting fraud and short the company, and the stock plummeted from $18 to $3.50 a share. The company declared bankruptcy soon thereafter, and Minkow went to the pokey for seven and a half years. He would return in 2011 after releasing false information about a homebuilding company in a libel-and-extortion scheme.

Centennial Technologies

Prior to the tech bubble of 2000, a little company called Centennial Technologies had a little &ldquopop and crash&rdquo of its own. Falsely reporting that the company had made millions off their Flash memory cards, the company&rsquos shares soared in 1996, touching $55 a share.

There was, however, a problem. Revenue derived from Centennial Flash cards wasn&rsquot in the millions, it was actually a little closer to&hellip zero. The stock lost two-thirds of its value as Wall Street became wary of this former golden child. Suspicions reached a crescendo in Feb. 1997 when the CEO was fired by the board, and the stock failed to trade on the market that day.

An investigation would later reveal the company&rsquos reported $12 million profit over from April 1994 to October 1996 was actually a $28 million loss. Shares would fall to under $3 a share before the company finally went completely belly up.

Satyam Computer Services

Though it doesn&rsquot get nearly the press of its Houston-based counterpart, &ldquoIndia&rsquos Enron&rdquo was nevertheless one of the greatest frauds ever perpetuated on a major economic market.

Satyam was purported to be the market leader in India&rsquos fast-growing IT sector, which supplied outsourced tech support to thousands of Western companies. While moderately successful, Satyam overstated their financial health by whopping margins, going as far as to fabricate $1 billion in free cash flow. Shares on the NYSE eventually touched $29 a share in 2008.

Satyam was able to take advantage of India&rsquos outdated corporate governance laws, which made it easier for a company of Satyam&rsquos size to obfuscate shady dealings. But when pressure mounted to prove the company&rsquos revenues were accurate, the lie could not stand up any longer.

The ruse all came crumbling in 2009, when CEO Ramalinga Raja admitted they had falsified documents. The company&rsquos shares fell to $1.80, and thousands of investors were ruined.

Speedo Fastskin – A History of the World’s Fastest Swimsuits

Inspired by the varying skin texture of a shark, the original Fastskin suit came with compression and ridges in key areas as Speedo developed a fabric which mimicked nature and helped swimmers glide through the water. Current photo via Speedo

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By SwimSwam Partner Content Off

courtesy of Speedo, a SwimSwam partner

Ever since Arne Borg set a world record whilst wearing Speedo in 1929, the company has been committed to helping swimmers go as fast as they can in the water.

By constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation and new technologies, Speedo was routinely the brand of choice for Olympic and World Gold-winning swimmers thanks to features which reduced drag and surface resistance, as well as being the first to use fabrics such as nylon in their swimsuits.

However, the Speedo development team – based in the company’s Aqualab centre – refused to rest on its laurels and, in 2000, the firm introduced the world to its pioneering Fastskin swimsuit.

Inspired by the varying skin texture of a shark, the original Fastskin suit came with compression and ridges in key areas as Speedo developed a fabric which mimicked nature and helped swimmers glide through the water. At the Olympic Games in Sydney later that year, 83% of swimmers who won a medal were wearing the suit.
At the same Games, 13 of the 15 world records which were broken were done so by swimmers wearing the new Fastskin suits. As a result, its designer was shortlisted for European Inventor of the Year, signaling that a new dawn had broken in the world of swimming.

Four years later, Speedo launched the Fastskin II following research and development which included using a body scanner regularly used in Hollywood whilst working with a special effects company which had recently worked on the latest Spiderman movie.

Fronted by Michael Phelps, the suit was worn by swimmers who notched up 47 medals at the Olympic Games in Athens. Historically, whilst wearing the Fastskin II, Phelps became the first person to win eight medals at a single Games.

The Fastskin legacy continued in 2007 when the Fastskin FS-PRO was unveiled. The suit was the fastest and most powerful lightweight suit on the market and within six months of its launch, 21 world records had been broken whilst wearing the suit.

However, just a year later, Speedo would shock the swimming world with the launch of the Fastskin LZR Racer. The suit was Speedo’s smoothest offering yet, having worked with biomechanical engineers, physiologists and more than 100 elite swimmers, as well as NASA, in the development stage.

At the 2008 Beijing Olympics Games, Phelps went one better than before, scooping eight golds in a single Games. In fact, 94% of victorious swimmers – and 98% of those who won any swimming medal – in Beijing were wearing the latest suit.

As the world records continued to tumble, FINA –the sport’s governing body – changed the legislation around the body-length swimsuits and certain fabrics, effectively banning Speedo’s latest suit for being too fast. Continuing its commitment to sustainable fashion, Speedo sent its surplus of stock to London’s Chelsea College of Art and Design to aid their projects.

In response, the Speedo team went back to the Aqualab and applied the same hydrodynamic principles to create a new FINA-approved Fastskin LZR collection, which catered for everybody from grass roots to elite-level swimmers. The collection was launched in 2009.

Two years later, ahead of the 2012 Olympic Games, Speedo unveiled its Fastkin3 racing system, consisting of a new cap, goggle and competition suit. The system featured fit point markers which allowed the three items to line-up and helped the swimmers gain the ideal fit and become one with the suit.

The next year in London more swimmers wore Speedo than any other brand, with 57% of all swimming medals won by Speedo athletes, including the four gold and two silver won by Phelps to make him the most decorated Olympian of all-time. All of those 22 medals had been won in Speedo.

In 2013, Speedo updated the Fastskin racing system by releasing the Fastskin LR Racer Elite 2, offering 40% more durability in water repellancy, together with a bright new range of colourways.

Two years later, The Fastskin LZR Racer X was launched to help swimmers feel their fastest by combining compression, construction, sensitivity and support to give the swimmers the feeling of being fast, which in turn led to real improvements in performance.

Now, ahead of a huge year in the swimming world, Speedo has unveiled the Fastskin LZR Pure Intent and LZR Pure Valor, as well as the Pure Focus goggle, as Speedo looks to continue its proud record of being the brand worn most by Olympic gold medallists great just something about Fastskin continues to pioneer innovation and technology to help swimmers swim their fastest etc. each Fastskin suit has been about progress.


For over 70 years, Raypak has been the world’s leading manufacturer of copper finned boilers and heaters. From a modest beginning in 1947 in founder Al Whittel’s garage in Southern California, Raypak now supplies equipment all over the world from its manufacturing facility in Oxnard, California, and its licensee in England. Raypak’s first manufacturing facility was located in El Monte, California. As a result of the growth generated by the market acceptance of the copper fin design, the factory was moved to Westlake Village, California, in 1970. After two major expansions over the next thirty years, Raypak outgrew the 151,000 square foot Westlake plant. In 2000 Raypak’s primary manufacturing facility was relocated to a completely new 235,000 square foot building in Oxnard, California, its current headquarters. Raypak expects that the market acceptance of new product designs will accelerate the growth rate that the company has experienced during the last ten years. The state-of- the-art Oxnard facility prepares the company to meet these growth demands. Raypak’s design goals are and have always been high quality, reliability and energy efficiency. Adhering to these basics is the reason the reputation of the company is held in such high regard by design build consultants, specifying engineers, distributors, contractors and homeowners. In 1996, Raypak was registered to ISO 9001, becoming the first boiler manufacturer to achieve the highest registration level attainable.

Pool Chemicals: The Key to a Clean Pool

You could fill your pool with fresh, clean water, and then skim and vacuum it every day, and the water would still get dirty. Leaves, twigs, and other debris fall into your pool. Bugs take their last swims in it. Birds fly overhead and bomb it.

And every time someone swims, they leave behind body oils, hair, dead skin, shampoo, soap, everything we humans put on our bodies and slough off on a daily basis.

The only thing keeping those contaminants from turning your pool into a black lagoon is sanitizer, probably the most important pool chemical you’ll ever use.

And in order for the sanitizer to work, other water attributes must be balanced: pH, alkalinity, and calcium hardness.

Finally, you’ll add pool chemicals to treat algae, to clear your pool, and to prevent staining, if you have hard water.

All of these factors work together to create balanced pool chemistry so you can swim in peace, so knowing what to use and how is crucial.

Watch the video: #PoolGuys 045. Weekly Pool Maintenance (January 2022).