What is the name of this song about taking Cherokee land?

I am teaching a lesson about the Cherokee and the Trail of Tears and I have seen many articles about these events quote this excerpt from a song that Georgian settlers sung:

All I ask in this creation

Is a pretty little wife and a big plantation

Way up yonder in the Cherokee Nation

I'm trying to find either the complete lyrics, or better, an audio recording so students can hear the song, and better understand the unfortunate sentiments of the settlers. They didn't grasp this from the small quote. None of the articles I found listed a source, gave a name, author, or any details to help find. Does anyone know the author or title of the song?

Googled the lyrics, found it to be a traditional song: Searching for the title "Poor Howard" found at least one version.

I can't offer a full answer (not of the quality that would satisfy me), but the following may provide a path for further research.
Atlanta and Environs cites Marion Starkey The Cherokee Nation, 1946, page 109

Roaring River: a refrain of the red river plantation

Harpers creek and roaring ribber,[sic., etc.]

Thar, my dear, we'll live forebber;

Den we'll go to de Ingin nation

In S Northrup (1855) Twelve years a slave. Doesn't appear to be whitey singing.

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