History of Acacia- - History


(SwStr: T. 750; 1. 230'; b. 2e', dr. 8'; s. 1G k.; a. 1 S0
pdr. R., 2 12-pdr. S. B.)

Bat, a steel side-wheel steamer, was built in 1864 by Jones, Qulggin and Co., Liverpool, England; captured on her maiden voyage as a blockade runner by Montgomery and other vessels of the North Atlantic blockading Squadron off Wilmington, N. C., 10 October 1864; purchased from Boston Prize Court in November 1864; and commissioned 13 December 1864, Lieutenant Commander J. Barnes in command.

Upon commissioning Bat was assigned to the North Atlantic Blockading Squadron and operated along the Atlantic coast and in the Potomac River until placed out of commission at Washington Navy Yard 17 May 1865. She was sold at New York 25 October 1865.

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