When was Donald Trump's first visit to his mother's birthplace, the Isle of Lewis?

United States President Donald Trump's mother Mary Anne MacLeod was a Gaelic-speaking Scotswoman from the Isle of Lewis in Scotland. After emigrating to the US she frequently visited the island of her birth. Her son Donald has also visited, most recently in 2008. According to the Scotsman newspaper he also visited the island on one previous occasion, when he was a child. Since he was born in 1946, that would have been some time in the period 1946-64.

When was Donald Trump's first visit to Lewis? What has been written about it?

There might not be clear records of it:

Mary Anne Trump's billionaire son Donald visited the house in which his mother grew up, and his cousins in 2008.

On that trip, the now president-elect said he had been to Lewis once before as "a three or four-year-old" but could remember little about it.

-BBC, Donald Trump's mother: From a Scottish island to New York's elite

Given Donald Trump was born in June 14, 1946, this would mean it was around 1949-50.

I tried for more specific searches around this time period, but looking into Trump and these years links people to the Hebrides Revival which seems to overshadow any possible remaining mentions of the visit.

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