Elkhart, Indiana

Elkhart, located in Elkhart County, Indiana, was the hunting grounds of the Ottawa, Chippewa and Pottawatomie Indian tribes during the 1800s. Joseph River in 1827.Dr. Joseph Riversresembled an elk's heart, Beardsley named the land Elkhart.The town of Elkhart was platted in 1832. In 1889, Elkhart became the second city in the world to implement the electric streetcar system.Elkhart is home to C.G. Currently Elkhart is home to numerous recreational vehicle (RV) manufacturers.Ruthmere is a museum that preserves the 1908 mansion of the prosperous Beardsley family. TheNational New York Central Railroad Museum, founded in 1987, preserves and displays railroad items of both local and national importance. The Midwest Museum of American Art is located in arenovated neo-classical style bank building.The Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary is an outgrowth of Goshen College, established in 1894. Elkhart General Hospital was founded in the first years of the 20th century.

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