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Tarawa, November 1943

Trentino and Isonzo Fronts, First World War


Talleyrand, Charles-Maurice Prince of

Telescope, Stereo or Scissors, used on artillery observation ladder, 1914

Telescope, Stereo or Scissors Telescope, detail, 1914

Tennessee and Kentucky in 1861-86

Tennessee (west), north Mississippi and east Missouri

Battles of the Theban-Spartan War, 379-371

Thomas, General George

Thomas-Morse O-19 at Manila, 1937

Thompson Sub Machine Gun M1912 and M1A1

Thompson Sub-Machine Gun M1928A1

Thompson Sub-Machine Gun Family

Tokyo in 1945 showing the bombing damage

Tornado from below

Torpedo - being loaded onto British aircraft of Coastal Command

Torpedo - being loaded onto British aircraft of Fleet Air Arm

Torres Vedras, Lines of

Torres Vedras, British and Portugese Divisions at

Tourcoing, battle of, 17-18 May 1794: The Allied Plan

Townshend,Major-General Charles Vere Ferrers

Trevilian Station, battle of, 11-12 June 1864

TSR-2:Front view

TSR-2:Side view

Tu 142

Tupolev SB 2M 103 from below

Type 89 Grenade Discharger 'Knee Mortar'

Commodore Reginald Tyrwhitt at surrender of the U-boats, Harwich

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