October 2005 in Iraq - History

October 2005 in Iraq
US Casualties

October 7th At least twenty-nine Iraqi fighters and six U.S. Marines are killed in major fighting in western Iraq. British forces have detained 12 people, including three police officers, in connection with a series of deadly attacks on UK forces in southern Iraq.

October 10th - Insurgent attacks throughout Iraq leave seven Iraqis, two security officals from the Arab league and one U.S. soldier dead.

October 11th - Insurgent suicide bomb attacks leave over 30 people dead in Talafar, North West Iraq.

October 12th At least 30 people die following an insurgent suicide bomb attack in Talafar, North Western Iraq, the second such attack in as many days.

October 15th Iraqi voters approve constitution in referendum. Six American soldiers were killed, five of them by an IED near Ramadi

Oct. 19th Saddam trial opens.A total of 26 Iraqis were killed in scattered attacks across Iraq. The worse of the attacks took place in Iskandarity which is South of Baghdad. There gunmen entered a materials factory, lined up six Shites and gunned them down.

October 27th - At least 20 Shia Militia members and Iraqi Police have died following a Sunni Arab ambush in Nahrawan, south east of Baghdad.October 29th - More than 20 people die when a car bomb detonates in Howaider, a Shia village near Baquba, 60 miles north of Baghdad. The bomber blew himself up in the central market.

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