Tribal War - Free Web Game

Tribal War is a management / strategy game with a middle ages which is practiced online, directly on the publisher's website. Released in 2009, it takes the lion's share of the free online games. With several hundred thousand players on the French and international servers, it allows you to have fun by managing a village and by operating the traditional alliances and wars that we are entitled to expect from this kind of game.

Tribal War, the concept: free and online

Tribal War was commissioned in March 2009 and was almost immediately successful: 150,000 players on the French server and approximately double on the international server. A popularity in large part due to the fact that the game is free, and that it be practiced online. But not only.

Lovers of Sim city and the series Age of Empires will find there some accents of nostalgia, even if of course these mastodons are much richer and more complex. However, the management and strategy atmosphere is present, all in a mode of operation that emphasizes the aspect community, appropriate for an online game.

A community management game

The principle of the game is quite simple: each player starts his game in a world on which he must create his own town. He then builds new buildings there regularly, and then amasses as much wealth as possible. The graphics are quite honest, to see even quite neat for the units and the constructions. The start-up phase will seem a bit long, too long for some, but this is generally the case with any good management game, whether online or not.

Once the basics have been acquired, it is then with the community of players that we will have to interact: alliances, cooperation, Tribal War is an invitation to solidarity between participants. Thus, players come together in many tribes and exchange through the dedicated forums made available to them. It is generally quite easy to exchange tips and to have the codes of good behavior: betrayals, for example, are not well received.

Wars and battles are not left out

Of course, as with most management games of a strategic nature, sooner or later the need to wage war will come to the mind of the leader wishing to extend his influence. For that, it is necessary to build a solid army and if possible to associate with others to increase its chances of success.

Developed by InnoGames, author of The West and more recently from Grecopolis, Tribal War (Tribal Wars in English) is still an undeniable success today. It is often compared, and preferred, to Travian, a game with a rather similar concept and a little more cartoon-oriented graphics.

In the end, Tribal War, which never had the ambition to compete with its peers on PC, is a quality online game that will delight those looking for an alternative game mode in a strong community spirit.

Video: What a good tribal wars speed player looks like (January 2022).