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Double mask - BD

Here is the story. All the story. Another story. The false as the true. Both small and large. That of the men who want to rule it. Those of the shadows that manipulate her. Here is the story of the plots that undermine, the laws that edify. Here are the mysteries revealed, the secrets revealed. What is behind it, everything, nothing, what you think you know, what you think you don't know. Double mask, a Bd series by Dufaux and Jamar.

The story

Double Masque begins with these words, on a view of the Ile Saint-Louis: "Paris, 1781. Necker resigns to the King, Monsieur de Fleury is appointed Controller General of Finances, a formidable position. Diderot writes “is it good? Is he mean? ". David exposes, a fire destroys the opera house at the Palais-Royal. Parmentier publishes his research on potato cultivation. Trendy restaurants are those of Beauvilliers and Véfour. Louis XVI reigns, he does not yet know… ”. At the same time, a strange woman gives a child in an orphanage a very strange mask ...

Paris 1802, the Senate proclaims Napoleon Bonaparte Consul for life. Fouché, hostile to this appointment, left the Ministry of Police. Napoleon and Fouché clash to find a travel kit containing an item that could change the fate of the First Consul. The latter calls on François dit "la Torpille", a bit of a con artist, a bit of a brigand, a bit of a gentleman.

Our opinion

A historical and police adventure in the heart of power and the lowlands of Paris, Double-Masque surprises with the originality of its screenplay but unfortunately is drowned in its complexity and the story never goes ahead in the first two volumes. Moreover, Jean Dufaux seems to have understood it since he signs the preface to the third volume, a double-sided preface, a double-word preface, in short a double-sided screenwriter?

This third volume precisely, which gives a big boost to this series thanks to an extraordinary character makes its appearance. This is Jean-Jacques Régis de Cambacérès, Duke of Parma, Second Consul. He was appointed prince-archchancellor during the proclamation of the First Empire in 1804 and nicknamed Archifou because of his notorious homosexuality. Arrived late for a meeting with Napoleon, Cambacérès allegedly pretended to have been made late by ladies, to which Napoleon would have replied "When we have an appointment with the Emperor, we tell these ladies to take their canes. and their hats and get the hell out ”.


Dargaud Edition

Screenplay: Jean Dufaux

Drawings: Martin Jamar

Colors: Bertrand Denoulet

Volume 1. La Torpille (09/2004)

Volume 2. The Ant (02/2005)

Volume 3. L’Archifou (06/2006)

Volume 4. The two Locusts (11/2008)

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