CAPES: C2i2e and CLES2 now mandatory

The year 2011-2012 saw the confirmation of a new requirement: the winners of the teaching competitions (Capes, CRPE and aggregation) will have to prove C2i2e and CLES2 to be appointed trainee civil servants! Certifications far from being formalities, in particular for CLES2, and which pose a large number of problems for preparers and candidates ...

What is the C2i2e?

It is a computer science certificate specializing in teaching professions. The goal is to have teachers capable of teaching in the information society, thus knowing how to use ICT (information and communication technologies). The certificate is therefore in the same logic as the B2i.

All information on the C2i2e website.

What is the CLES2?

The Higher Education Language Skills certificate is, even more than the C2i, from a European perspective. It aims to assess five skills : oral comprehension, written comprehension, written production, oral production and oral interaction.

All information on the CLES website.

The problems that this poses

They are very numerous. Decided in haste in May 2010, the implementation of these certificates was finally postponed by one year, to come into force today (in 2011/2012). A rush, a lack of consultation and let's say it an irresponsibility like the whole reform of teacher training, also known as mastering. How, indeed, can we imagine that the universities and IUFM attached could have set up in a few months (including July and August) the training for two such heavy certificates, and this for all the candidates (or even the only eligible ones) in teaching competitions. Not to mention passing the exams ...

However, the problems are not entirely resolved this year. Students are very poorly informed of these requirements, and especially of the means to meet them. The training offers exist, but are very unevenly distributed over the territory, and essentially not free, especially when they are not included in teaching masters. This is especially the case for some languages. When, for example, Italian is not offered by trainers in a university preparing for the competitive exams, the student must do his own thing to prepare for and take the exam during the year.

The work to be done is also far from anecdotal, especially for the CLES2. Most candidates for the teaching exams have not spoken much since the bac. We can complain about it, but that does not explain why, knowingly, we demand this level so that they can be trainee civil servants. Because this is the main scandal: preparing these certificates is extra work when you already have to prepare for difficult competitions and validate the teaching master! These certificates are real additional competition tests since their failure to obtain (or even just one of them) means in fact the failure to obtain the past competition, since the winner cannot be a trainee and retain the benefit of its competition time to (re) take the certificates in question. If we consider the difficulties of the latter, and especially those in preparing and passing them, equal treatment for competitions is definitely abolished. What mastering had already started ...

The goal ?

One wonders. European harmonization does not explain everything. In itself, the C2i2e is not a scandal because IT and the Internet are everywhere. But the CLES2? What is the point of having teachers of all subjects and levels who are almost bilingual?

Above all, why require the validation of these certificates to obtain the competition, and not rather make them pass the year of "internship" (even if, in fact, it no longer exists as such) as it was? the case of C2i2e already? Or even once established, as part of a training course, since we want to make the in-service training of teachers compulsory ...

If we place ourselves in the context of mastering, the reduction in the number of positions, but also the collapse of the number of candidates for competitive examinations (pushing some juries not to fill all the positions offered!), We can to wonder if this requirement is not one more stone in the will to arrive at the end of the competitive examinations and the discouragement of the candidates for teaching…

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