Hindenburg: The Threat of Twilight - BD

After the success of the adaptation of "Ambulance 13", the Grand Angle editions adapt a new novel by Ordas and Cothias into a comic strip. This time the two talented screenwriters take us on an adventure alongside Diane Hunter who will find herself unwillingly at the heart of an attempt at theNazi Germany to control the US through the use of occult forces... A story worthy of cinema and the great classics of ’adventure.


1936, Canadian Diane Hunter pays an annual visit to an old Native American shaman who once saved his father's life. The old man feels he is nearing the end of his life, but he also feels a heavy threat hanging over him, a dark threat that he can hardly define, but that he knows is imminent. Against this coming twilight he knows he is too old to fight, but his sons have inherited his gifts and must unite to overcome the threat. The Indian then tasked Diane with finding her descendants who had long left the Canadian forest to reach the cities of America and Europe. To begin with, Diane's only clue is an address on the back of an old envelope, that of a great-grandson living in Germany. What she does not know yet is that the latter is working on the interior design of the airship that must be the pride of the Third Reich: the Hindenburg.

The Hindenburg, which is the key to the old shaman's dream, this " huge dark storm cloud Because in secret Hitler and Himmler decided to use it to transport a team of extremely gifted telepaths who will have to join forces to mentally rally the Americans to the Nazi cause on the maiden voyage.

Our opinion

After "The eye of the dobermans", "We, Anastasia R.", "Lusitania" and "Ambulance 13", the Grand Angle editions adapt a new novel by Ordas and Cothias into a comic strip: "Hindenburg, les ashes of the sky ".

The scenario may seem quite Manichean at first glance, with the bad ones on the one hand (the Nazis, militarists, racists, homophobes, militarists, imbued with esotericism used for political purposes ...) and on the other the good ones (multicultural, homophiles, artists, linked by an Amerindian shamanism close to Nature…). However, screenwriters Patrice Ordas and Patrick Cothias, who are not at their first attempt, manage to make it addicting, in an atmosphere not unlike that of Indiana Jones. Indeed Diane Hunter is not far from the female avatar of the famous adventurer: leather jacket, habit of weapons (firearms or bladed), curiosity, daring, distributed ... And this mania to interfere like a grain of sand in a well-oiled Nazi mechanism which is about to threaten the world by appealing to occult forces ... For those who know, we are even very close to the adventures of young Indiana Jones (book version and television series) which mixed epic adventures from young Indy to a real historical context where we meet historical figures who have existed. Thus, the writers had made Jones Junior wander from the Mexican Revolution, to the trenches of the First World War and to the Titanic, crossing Charles de Gaulle, Ho Chi Minh, Howard Carter or even Pancho Villa… According to a fairly similar pattern , the adventure of Diane Hunter invites us in filigree to discover the construction of the largest airship and while meeting several famous personalities like Hitler and Himmler. Of course, passing through some key and real places such as Wewelsburg Castle, SS headquarters and a Mecca of Nazi mysticism.

However, so that the reader, and in particular the young reader, can retain the part of truth in this adventure comic, it seems essential that the comic be completed by a notice clearly explaining the authentic points, see developing them in the form of 'a file. This effort is generally made by Éditions Grand Angle, which regularly distinguishes itself. The first edition of this volume is indeed accompanied by a bonus of eight very well illustrated pages in which Frédéric Marsaly (known for his publications on aviation) presents the history of the Zeppelins in a synthetic way. Of course, we can only salute Les Éditions Grands Angle for having called on Mr Marsaly for this small dossier, and we can only encourage them to keep this principle in future editions. This first cycle comprising three volumes, we think that it would be judicious in the next opus to devote the files to the Nazi esotericism as such (which existed, even if there were no telepaths project in the Hindenburg…) and on the infinitely complex and tormented figure of Himmler.

To conclude, Cothias and Ordas were able, as usual, to dispel the doubts expressed at first glance to plunge us into a most engaging adventure perfectly suited to the comic book by Tieko and Sandrine Cordurié, respectively to the drawing and the color.

The novel :

- Hindenburg: the ashes of the sky

The saga in comics:

- Hindenburg: The Threat of Twilight

Screenplay: Patrice Ordas & Patrick Cothias

Drawings: Tieko

Colors: Sandrine Cordurié

Editions: Wide Angle

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