Codex 632 - The Secret of Christopher Columbus (J.R. Dos Santos)

As of May 4, 2016, Divine fury, the new esoteric investigation-novel by J.R. Dos Santos, bestselling author considered the Portuguese Dan Brown, story-for-all invites you to come back to his previous book, Codex 632 - The Secret of Christopher Columbus, published in France in 2015. This work stages the first adventure of the author's recurring hero, Tomás Noronha, Lisbon cryptologist-semiologist, at the heart of an investigation into the origins of the discovery of the New World through the enigmatic figure of Christopher Columbus.


It all began when a mysterious and extremely rich foundation for the study of the History of the Americas addressed itself to Tomás Noronha, professor at the University of Lisbon, to take up the work of one of his tragically deceased colleagues. The latter's mission was to conduct research on the discovery of Brazil by the Portuguese. Nevertheless, his research led him to a result that could change our view of history. This result, he coded and hid it so that no one could take hold of his discovery. Tomás Noronha then appears the only man capable of deciphering this mystery leading right to the supposed true identity of Christopher Columbus.

Our opinion

The origins of Christopher Columbus are still the subject of debate and quarrels today on the fringes of historical research. If we are now almost certain that he was the son of a Genoese weaver, many other theories persist: Catalan or Corsican privateer, Scandinavian or Greek sailor, Polish prince or even Portuguese Jewish spy ... real identity of Christopher Columbus? J.R. Dos Santos invokes fiction to brilliantly convey his vision of the history of America's “discoverer”.

Indeed, the whole question is whether the author is situated more on the esoteric thriller side of Dan Brown or on the historical rigor of - for example - Umberto Eco, of whom he also mentions in his novel. We would be tempted to place it halfway between the two. When the story begins with its protagonist, Tomás Noronha teaching his students the history of hieroglyphic transcription, we can't help but have an image of Indiana Jones in our head and tell ourselves that we are going to dive into a adventure rich in twists and turns. And if we actually travel from Lisbon to Jerusalem via New York and Rio de Janeiro, we can only be seduced by the historical precision shown by the author. Sometimes even a little too much when he is interested in the etymology of the name of Christopher Columbus or gets lost in endless explanations on the falsification of documents in medieval and modern times. But despite these few rare lengths, the story turns out to be fascinating, of an extreme erudition taking us from the Portuguese kings who favored the great discoveries to the mysteries of the Jewish cabal while passing through the figure of the philosopher Michel Foucault. Rich, very documented and catchy, we asked no more of this historical fiction.

Jose Rodrigues dos santos, Codex 632 - Le secret de Christophe Colomb, HC éditions, Paris, 2015.

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