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The Secret Triangle - BD

Didier Moselle, researcher at the Meyer Foundation, is working on the restoration of one of the parchments found at the Qumrân site, which is said to have been written 50 years after the death of Christ. Nine years earlier, Didier Moselle was introduced to a Freemason lodge, the Eliah lodge, along with an original historian by the name of Francis Marlane. Didier invites Francis to participate in the work of decoding the parchment of Qumrân. On the basis of the content of the Parchment, Francis Marlane establishes a heretical theory on a kept secret questioning the foundations of Christianity, and which will cost him his life.

Ignoring the nature of this secret, and despite the posthumous letters sent to him by Francis Marlane imploring him not to seek to unearth the secret contained in this parchment, Didier Moselle tries to understand by all means the reasons for the death of Francis . Helped by the widow Marlane and Martin Hertz, grand master of the Eliah lodge and holder of certain secrets, Moselle will discover the incredible truth hidden for more than two centuries and which will reactivate various occult organizations, which clash since the night the times…

If this esoteric fiction is today, many flashbacks provided by different designers plunge us into various periods of history, which range from the crucifixion, to Napoleon III through the Middle Ages, the Templars and the Cathars. , as well as at the beginning of the renaissance.

Based on a brilliant script by Didier Convard, this Comic Strip is a true benchmark in the category of historical and esoteric detective novels.

Following the significant success of this first series, a second series called I.N.R.I in four volumes, and based on one of the plots of the Secret Triangle, was published between 2004 and 2006 by Glénat with the same authors.

Originally, the Secret Triangle was a novel by Didier Convard (published in 1999, edition Mazarine / Glénat) which he subsequently adapted into a comic strip. Himself a Freemason, Didier Convard would have been excommunicated by the Church following the publication of the Secret Triangle, specifying in each volume: "The Secret Triangle is a work of fiction built on the interpretation of some historical facts which I have seen. have influenced (…) The Secret Triangle is a romantic tale, and I ask the reader to approach it only as such ”.

Nothing like it to maintain the myth ...

Complete Series in 7 Volumes
Publisher: Glénat

Screenplay: Didier Convard
Drawings: Denis Flaque, Christian Gine, Pierre Wachs
Colorist: Paul
Collaborators: Gilles Chaillet (Tome I), Eric Stalner (Tome II), Jean- Charles Kraehn (Tome III), Patrick Jusseaume (Tome IV)
Covers: André Julliard

  • Volume I: The Testament of the Madman (April 2000)

  • Volume II: The Young Man with the Shroud (November 2000)

  • Volume III: De Cendre et D’or (April 2001)

  • Volume IV: The Forgotten Gospel (November 2001)

  • Volume V: The Infamous Lie (April 2002)

  • Volume VI: The Lost Word (November 2002)

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